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via libertà 50
vigliano biellese (BI)


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Technical manager of environmental services
Fabrizio Boscaro

Operational headquarters
Via Quintino Sella 20, 13856 Vigliano Biellese (BI)

Registered office
Via Libertà 50, 13856 Vigliano Biellese (BI)

Telephone: +39 015 512268 - +39 015 512390
Fax: +39 015 512971
Email: fabrizio@biorso.com - info@biorso.com​


Please contact us for further information about our services.Request a personalised, no-obligation quote and benefit from our staff's expert advice. We can recommend the best solutions to meet all of your needs.

Call us on +39 015512268 or +39 015512390, or write an email to info@biorso.com.Alternatively, complete the form found above: we will professionally manage every request regarding our services efficiently and as quickly as possible.

The Environment Division of Boscaro Brothers has its registered office on via Liberty 50 in Vigliano Biellese (Biella) and operational headquarters on Via Quintino Sella 20 in the same town.

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